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The Buzz

* I Just wanted to email to let you know that our photo session with you will go down as the sweetest, most intimate, most touching moments of my life...*

*I think my three year old summed it up the best. as they often do. He said to me while admiring the photos - mum, look! you and dad are best friends - there is something so simple and magical about the way he could sense that from the photography. Such a positive image he can reflect on while he grows up. And for that I am truly thankful...*

*After the challenges we`ve been through, I cannot believe how much he so obviously and with all his heart loves me. Nothing in this world made me feel more in love with him than seeing and knowing how much he loves me...*

*Thank you for a life changing session. Thank you for putting us back into the honeymoon state. You helped remind me how far I have come and how far I am going to go with this wonderful man and thank you for that too. I love you for what you have done and I love you for what you`re going to do for other married couples.*

*We still can`t stop grinning at each other after our session with you. Nor can we stop talking about how at ease and absolutely blissful you made us both feel. We honestly forgot we had an audience and shared things with each other that we didn`t even realize the other sensed about us. We knew things all along that lived deep in both our hearts but we`d just forgotten to tell each other we knew. It`s so easy to let time pass and fly by without remembering to appreciate what we have. Thank you for helping to remind us.*